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  • Maintains and updates the central inventory records of properties/equipment of the University;
  • Monitors/follows-up submission of inventory report;
  • Oversees/assists in the inventory taking of UPD big units;
  • Consolidate inventory reports;
  • Is in charge of insurance of University properties/equipment, insurance claims and serves as the UPD’s liaison unit with GSIS;
  • Reconcile physical inventory records with those of the Accounting Office;
  • Is in charge of the disposal of supplies, materials and equipment which are unserviceable/obsolete, condemned or no longer needed by units;
  • Is in charge of valuating the scrap, unserviceable and no longer needed properties of units;
  • Is in charge of the conduct of public auction of disposable properties;
  • Maintains database and records of condemned properties/equipment;
  • Issues Property Clearance of separated/retired employees of the University;
  • Assists, the head of office in the review, evaluation, formulation and development of inventory and disposal policies, systems and procedures and their corresponding implementation.

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