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Sec. 18 of Revised IRR of RA 9184

Specification for the procurement of goods shall be based on relevant characteristics and/or performance requirements.  Reference to brand names shall not be allowed.

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Yearly Insurance of Equipment
Insurance of Motor Vehicles
Donated Equipment
Hauling of Equipment
Report of Waste Materials
Requesting Useable Materials
Auction of Unserviceable Equipment
Issuance of Clearance
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Procedure - Issuance of Clearance

  1. Receives university clearance from accountable official .
  2. Supply Officer (SO) checks official property accountability.
  3. SO generates certificate of non accountability, if the official has no property accountability.
  4. Acting Director signs the clearance.
  5. SO generates list of accountability in case accountable official found to have property/equipment signed in his/her name (advise the official to transfer his property accountability to  the succeeding official in the form of ARE. Property/equipment will be charged to the official if found missing).
  6. SO generates certificate of non accountability If the transfer is done for signature of the Acting Director.

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