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Sec. 22.1 of Revised IRR of RA 9184

For contracts to be bid with an approved budget of One Million Pesos (Php 1,000,000.00) or more, the BAC shall convene at least one (1) pre-bid conference to clarify and/or explain any of the requirements, terms, conditions, and specifications stipulated in the Bidding Documents.

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Procedure - Monthly Insurance of Equipment

  1. Units submit Acknowledgement Report  of Equipment (ARE) for the newly acquired equipment and Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS) for the acquired supplies.

      Property/equipment with a value of more than or equal P2,000.00 categorized as an ARE and below P2,000.00 considered as supplies and categorized as an Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS).

  2. Chief of section distributes Acknowledgement Receipt of Equipment (ARE’s) to Supply Officer (SO) assigned for encoding.
  3. SO encode the newly acquired equipment. Generate monthly insurance report for equipment more than or equal P10,000.00 every end of the month.
  4. Chief of section consolidates Insurance report. Prepares covering letter for the GSIS Insurance report.
  5. Acting Director signs the documents.
  6. SO forwards to GSIS for Insurance Coverage.

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