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Sec. 32.1 of Revised IRR of RA 9184

Members of the BAC, including its staff and personnel, as well as its Secretariat and TWG, are prohibited from making or accepting any communication with any bidder regarding the evaluation of their bids until the issuance of the Notice of Award.

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Procedure - Donated Equipment

  1. Receive Deed of Donation from Chancellors Office/Unit .
  2. Chief of section forwards to Supply Office (SO) assigned for physical  inspection of the equipment.
  3. SO coordinates to unit and inspects the donated equipment.
  4. SO prepares covering letter and ARE of the donated equipment.
  5. Chief of section initials the documents.
  6. Acting Director signs the documents.
  7. Forwards to Unit concern.
  8. Unit’s accountable official(s) sign the ARE and forward to SPMO.
  9. Chief of section prepares letter and attach copy of ARE of the donated equipment for recording in the University books of accounts.
  10. Acting Director signs the documents.
  11. Forwards to Accounting Office for recording in the University books of accounts.

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