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Sec. 18 of Revised IRR of RA 9184

Specification for the procurement of goods shall be based on relevant characteristics and/or performance requirements.  Reference to brand names shall not be allowed.

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Procedure - Auction of Unserviceable Equipment

  1. Supply Officer (SO) consolidates IIRUP original copy to be sent to COA .
  2. UW arranges, segregates & classifies  unserviceable items per lot. Including Waste material.
  3. Chief of section inspects the arrangement of items and takes picture for every  lot. Send notices to OVCA, Disposal Committee for the pre-auction meeting.
  4. Disposal Committee meets  discuss & schedules the auction.
  5. Conducts auction sale / Sealed bid per Lot / Highest bidder  win the Lot.
  6. SO prepares bid documents, notice of awards (NOA) and abstract of Bids (AOB). Covering letter for the documents.
  7. Acting Director signs the documents and forwards to Chancellor’s office for signature.
  8. Chancellor signs the NOA and AOB and return back to SPMO.
  9. SO notifies Bidders about the NOA. Advise bidders to pay the amount to cashier.
  10. Cashier Office issues OR upon payment by the bidder/s.
  11. SO verifies the OR and assist the hauling of items.
  12. Bidder/s present OR to Disposal Staff and prepares to haul the items.
  13. SO prepares DV with OR attach, NOA, Letter Request for bidders bond refund and certification to support the refund. Forward to Chief of section for signature.
  14. Chief of section inspect s the storage if items are completely hauled and no breach of contract done, signs the letter of request of refund.
  15. Chief of section prepares the IIRUP equipment records/Journal Voucher for dropping in the Univ. books of accounts forwards to Accounting Office.

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