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Sec. 18 of Revised IRR of RA 9184

Specification for the procurement of goods shall be based on relevant characteristics and/or performance requirements.  Reference to brand names shall not be allowed.

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SPMO Inventory Section
Inventory of Equipment
Monthly Insurance of Equipment
Yearly Insurance of Equipment
Insurance of Motor Vehicles
Donated Equipment
Hauling of Equipment
Report of Waste Materials
Requesting Useable Materials
Auction of Unserviceable Equipment
Issuance of Clearance
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Property Inventory and Disposal Section

The Property Inventory and Disposal Section is tasked to perform the following sections:

  • Maintain and update the central inventory records of properties/equipment of the University;
  • Monitor/follow-up submission of inventory report;
  • Oversee/assist in the inventory taking of U.P. Diliman (UPD) units;
  • Consolidate inventory report;
  • In charge of insurance of University properties/equipment, insurance claims and serves as the UPD’s liaison unit with GSIS;
  • Reconcile physical inventory records with those of the Accounting Office;
  • In charge of the disposal of supplies, materials and equipment which are unserviceable/obsolete, condemned or no longer needed by units;
  • In charge of valuating the scrap, unserviceable and no longer needed properties of units;
  • In charge of the conduct of public auction of disposable property;
  • Maintain database and records of condemned properties/equipment;
  • Provide lists of condemned properties/equipment to Accounting Office for dropping from the books of accounts;
  • Issue Property Clearance of separated/retired employees;
  • Assist the head of office in the review, evaluation, formulation and development of inventory and disposal policies, systems and procedures and their corresponding implementation.


Inventory Procedure
Inventory Flowchart

Inventory Forms (ARE, I&I, etc.)

Procedure - Inventory of Equipment

  1. Supply Officers (SO) receive inventory reports from Unit//Dept/Office consist of the following:
    1. Inventory of Equipment (Form 41A)
    2. Updated Acknowledgement Receipt for Equipment (ARE)
    3. Updated Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS)
    4. Other file-file not included in the Form 41A for adjustment to the Accounting Office

  2. SO 's reconcile Form 41A of units inventory against database records. Prepare the following reports:

    1. Tentative Missing Report (TMR) (if any) - Items that are categorized in the Form 41A remarks as shortages will be sent to the office concern for verification of the items whereabouts. Officials concern on the unaccounted property will be given one (1) month deadline.
    2. Final Unaccounted Property Report - Failure to comply with the deadline, a final report of unaccounted property will be sent to the official for the settlement of his/her accountability.

  3. SO' s follow up to unit items that require paper documentation for adjustment in the book of accounts to the Accounting Office.
  4. SO' s prepare Form 41A Report of all units for submission to Commission On Audit (COA).

Procedure - Monthly Insurance of Equipment

  1. Units submit Acknowledgement Report  of Equipment (ARE) for the newly acquired equipment and Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS) for the acquired supplies.

      Property/equipment with a value of more than or equal P2,000.00 categorized as an ARE and below P2,000.00 considered as supplies and categorized as an Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS).

  2. Chief of section distributes Acknowledgement Receipt of Equipment (ARE’s) to Supply Officer (SO) assigned for encoding.
  3. SO encode the newly acquired equipment. Generate monthly insurance report for equipment more than or equal P10,000.00 every end of the month.
  4. Chief of section consolidates Insurance report. Prepares covering letter for the GSIS Insurance report.
  5. Acting Director signs the documents.
  6. SO forwards to GSIS for Insurance Coverage.

Procedure - Yearly Insurance of Equipment

  1. Supply Officer (SO) update equipment files of different assigned units by encoding newly acquired equipment/ donated equipment based on Acknowledgement Report (ARE).
  2. SO drop condemned equipments based on Inventory and Inspection Report of Unserviceable property.
  3. SO transfer /cancel equipment based on the Acknowledgement Receipts of Equipment (ARE ‘s) cancellation remarks.
  4. SO generate the yearly insurance reports per unit/college/department of assigned units.
  5. SO bind per units/college/department of the yearly insurance report of the assigned units.
  6. Chief of section consolidates the unit/college/department insurance report and prepares a summary report for the yearly insurance of the different unit/college/department.
  7. Prepares covering letter for the summary of yearly insurance report together with generated yearly insurance report of different units/college/department.
  8. Supply Officer (SO) forwards to GSIS for Insurance Coverage.

Procedure - Insurance of Motor Vehicles

  1. Supply Officer (SO) submits photocopy of OR to GSIS for renewal of insurance coverage.
  2. GSIS Underwrites the insurance coverage.
  3. SO receives Insurance policy. Prepares DV for the insurance coverage of the motor vehicles and forwards to Unit.
  4. Concerns unit signs the DV forwards to the Cashier for check preparation.
  5. SO gets the Cash at the Cashier and pays to GSIS the COC.
  6. SO surrenders OR and copy of COC to unit.

Procedure - Donated Equipment

  1. Receive Deed of Donation from Chancellors Office/Unit .
  2. Chief of section forwards to Supply Office (SO) assigned for physical  inspection of the equipment.
  3. SO coordinates to unit and inspects the donated equipment.
  4. SO prepares covering letter and ARE of the donated equipment.
  5. Chief of section initials the documents.
  6. Acting Director signs the documents.
  7. Forwards to Unit concern.
  8. Unit’s accountable official(s) sign the ARE and forward to SPMO.
  9. Chief of section prepares letter and attach copy of ARE of the donated equipment for recording in the University books of accounts.
  10. Acting Director signs the documents.
  11. Forwards to Accounting Office for recording in the University books of accounts.

Procedure - Hauling of Equipment

  1. Receive Inventory & Inspection Report of Unserviceable Properties (IIRUP) from Unit.
  2. Supply Officer (SO) records and assigns controlling serialized number of the IIRUP.
  3. Chief of section forwards to SO for physical inspection of the equipment.
  4. SO inspect the physical status of the equipment. Indicates findings in the IIRUP to justify that equipment are unserviceable.
  5. OVCA approves IIRUP.
  6. Chief of section forwards to SO for hauling.
  7. SO coordinates with the Unit for hauling preparation.
  8. SO request COA representative in writing a week prior to the date of hauling of IIRUP equipment to witness the hauling of equipment.
  9. SO together with COA representative haul the equipment.
  10. UW receives, stores and segregates per lots the condemned equipment at the SPMO warehouse for proper disposal and future auction.
  11. SO provides a copy of the IIRUP to the Inventory staff concern for notation and dropping in the database records.
  12. SO encodes and files the IIRUP.

Procedure - Report of Waste Materials

  1. UW receives and initials report of waste materials (RWM) together with the Waste Material(s) .
  2. Chief of section and the Acting Director  initials the Report of Waste Material.
  3. Supply Officer provide a copy of RWM to the Inventory staff for dropping in the database records.
  4. Supply Officer files the RWM.

Procedure - Requesting Useable Materials

  1. Receives request of Usable Material(s) .
  2. Acting Director recommends the request for approval by the OVCA.
  3. Vice-Chancellor for Administration approves the request.
  4. Supply Officer coordinates with the requesting unit/office for the  preparation of ARE and ICS for equipment below P2,000.00 for signature of the requesting  official. GI sheets are supplies not covered with ARE.
  5. Supply Officer verifies equipment/items from the University books. Furnish copy of ARE, ICS  to Accounting Office.

Procedure - Auction of Unserviceable Equipment

  1. Supply Officer (SO) consolidates IIRUP original copy to be sent to COA .
  2. UW arranges, segregates & classifies  unserviceable items per lot. Including Waste material.
  3. Chief of section inspects the arrangement of items and takes picture for every  lot. Send notices to OVCA, Disposal Committee for the pre-auction meeting.
  4. Disposal Committee meets  discuss & schedules the auction.
  5. Conducts auction sale / Sealed bid per Lot / Highest bidder  win the Lot.
  6. SO prepares bid documents, notice of awards (NOA) and abstract of Bids (AOB). Covering letter for the documents.
  7. Acting Director signs the documents and forwards to Chancellor’s office for signature.
  8. Chancellor signs the NOA and AOB and return back to SPMO.
  9. SO notifies Bidders about the NOA. Advise bidders to pay the amount to cashier.
  10. Cashier Office issues OR upon payment by the bidder/s.
  11. SO verifies the OR and assist the hauling of items.
  12. Bidder/s present OR to Disposal Staff and prepares to haul the items.
  13. SO prepares DV with OR attach, NOA, Letter Request for bidders bond refund and certification to support the refund. Forward to Chief of section for signature.
  14. Chief of section inspect s the storage if items are completely hauled and no breach of contract done, signs the letter of request of refund.
  15. Chief of section prepares the IIRUP equipment records/Journal Voucher for dropping in the Univ. books of accounts forwards to Accounting Office.

Procedure - Issuance of Clearance

  1. Receives university clearance from accountable official .
  2. Supply Officer (SO) checks official property accountability.
  3. SO generates certificate of non accountability, if the official has no property accountability.
  4. Acting Director signs the clearance.
  5. SO generates list of accountability in case accountable official found to have property/equipment signed in his/her name (advise the official to transfer his property accountability to  the succeeding official in the form of ARE. Property/equipment will be charged to the official if found missing).
  6. SO generates certificate of non accountability If the transfer is done for signature of the Acting Director.
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